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Providing Quality Curriculum For Your Little Ones

Preschool Kids

I Am A Promise in Cheyenne, WY provides families with exceptional child care that not only consists of core education, socialization and other fun activities for children, but encourages the involvement of parents to participate in all levels of development for their little ones. Ask us about our preschool and after school programs when you call!

Making Education Fun!

We Focus On:

  • Summer Program for School
  • Age Children
  • Kindergarten Readiness Skills
  • Pre K Graduation Programs
  • Educational Creative Preschool Curriculum

We Provide Fundamental Skills!

We Offer Exciting Creativity Programs!

At I Am A Promise, we believe that education, socialization and parent involvement helps to build a strong perspective in a child's life. Teaching basic and core skills such as mathematics and reading, including incorporating many creative activities into our programs is how we operate our child care facility. You can rest assured that your child is receiving quality care, education and having fun with our various creative programs!
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Your Child's Success Is Our Success!

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The unique qualities and differences that makes our child care program, after school program and full time child care facility rise above the rest is the emphasis we place on involving parents. The connection in education and socialization with us, the children and parents alike make the learning experience more essential and fun. I Am A Promise also provides preschool programs. Call us today to learn more, and to register your child!